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There are two types of citation: 1) a quotation from the source is given, which is then thoroughly analyzed; 2) quotations are uttered from secondary sources in support of your point of view or for the purpose of their critical analysis

The number of quotes depends on the topic of the course. If it is devoted to the study of the scientific contribution, for example, of some Nobel laureate, which without copying you can’t do. In other cases, it’s necessary to quote, when you will not say otherwise, or the given formulation is the most exhaustive and bright. Any beginner with all other people’s statements may seem very thoughtful, with time a critical view of things is formed.

Excerpts that you are going to disassemble in detail, by volume should not exceed half the page. If the text seems to be very important to you, but its volume is greater than the specified one, it’s better to place it in the application qualitative dissertation.

Extracts from critical literature are needed only when they confirm your point of view or formulate new provisions that do not need to be rephrased.

If the quotation is too long and contains some minor fragments, they can be omitted, replacing the missing places with dots. If you do not agree with the quoted author, you must specify this before or after the statement

Quotations should be quoted. It is important to make sure that the quotes are not only open, but also closed in the appropriate place qualitative dissertation.

The text of the quote must completely coincide with the source from which it’s taken. Ideally, all quotations, even those that you borrowed from other authors, should be rechecked by original sources. If you want to allocate some important place, then you can do this by indicating in parentheses that the underscore or italics is not the author, but yours.

Be careful with translated texts. In particular, this concerns the writing of certain terms, as well as personal names.

Do not attribute other people’s ideas to authors, this will make your text not literate.