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Let’s write the essay correctly. Algorithm

Do you want to write an essay perfectly? Follow the algorithm and remember the main features of the genre. Express thoughts freely, but it is accessible and competently, try to arouse reader interest, express your opinion in a bright author’s style.

Carefully read the topic. Allocate sufficient time for reflection. To open the topic completely is not necessary: ​​stop on the aspect that is most interesting to paper writer.

Try to find curious moments, consider the topic in a new, original way.

Before creating a draft version, you should already have the material that you prepared in the process of reflection: your suggestions, notes, individual words and bright details.

Write the main part. It is desirable to create a plan in advance consisting of several items, since it is much easier to write text on semantic parts. Develop the basic idea of ​​each section. You can convince the reader, give facts and arguments, but do not turn the text into a detailed study. In the essay on literature, you need to maximally competently and clearly reveal your own opinion, and not provide an objective analysis of the problem dissertation committee member.

Draw attention of the reader: use unexpected logical turns, make unpredictable conclusions, apply non-standard semantic connections.

Express your thoughts in a bright and imaginative style, demonstrate the richness of the language. Pass your personal perception: use artistic means and techniques:

  • comparison;
  • metaphors;
  • epithets;
  • analogies;
  • allegories;
  • symbols;
  • associations;
  • examples, facts from personal experience;
  • parallels and paradoxes.

Create vivid descriptions, apply quotes and references to works of literature. Share your own experience. Let the readers follow the logic construction of the text, avoid the form of the report or the strict structure of the text dissertation committee member.

Your essay should be free: express your thoughts in your own style. Try to achieve imagery, make the author’s features not only in the content, but also in the form of its expression.

Write freely, but seriously. Do not use slang, a lot of template phrases, watch for the competent construction of proposals.